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  • Ghost Label records
    Lovely production ! It seems that you know what you are doing and you do that since many years. We have the perfect playlist for your song ! Will added it relatively on top. Cheers
  • SLE Music Radio
    Excellent tune! This should become a club classic, so many amazing elements to the track. Catchy riffs, easy danceable, wonderful euphoric trance sounds that really take you to summer anthems feel. I absolutely 100% love this track and it will be a tune that the listeners will fall in love with.
    Very emotional and well done trance track. Love the melody and vocals a lot. Will add to my trance playlist.
    I just listened to your release Loudest Silence, and I loved it! Very solid tune and great production. I’d love to add this release to our “Best of the Month” article on our music blog. I will do a review about it, which will be showcased together with other amazing artists we discovered this month.

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